Russian Enamel

Small box

    Small box

    Russia, Moscow

    last quarter of the 19th century

    Gustav Klingert gold and silverware factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree, stained glass enamel, filigree, gilding

    Diameter 5.2 cm. height 1.8 cm

    Marks: "G.K"; Moscow city mark with the alloy “84”


    Round box with removable lid, decorated with enamel in the Russian style. The lid and bottom of the box are decorated with the stained-glass enamel stylized image of a two-headed eagle beneath the crown, with a scepter and power. The image is on blue background and is “colored” with enamels of brown, purple and blue shades. The walls are decorated with floral-geometric ornament of heart-shaped elements, filigree rings and simplified lotus flowers of turquoise, blue, red and white enamel tints over filigree background.