Russian Enamel

Paired candlesticks

    Paired candlesticks

    France, Paris


    Tenisheva, Maria

    Bronze; casting, champlevé enamel, patination

    Height 21.0 cm

    M.Tenisheva's monogram: "МТ"


    Pair candlesticks, for one candle each, comprising of a cone-shaped base, a central part and a cylindrical riffled candle holder with a cone-shaped bottom part. The central part of each candle stick is made in the shape of a round disc framed with ivory and filled with a stylized apple-trees with "ripe apples". The apple-trees are coloured with enamel. The support stands are decorated with geometric enamel ornament. The candlesticks are made in the Neo-Russian style. Enamel colours: red, green, white.

    The candlesticks are the part of the set which also includes a toilet-table and a mirror. The decoration is based on the topic of "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights" by A. Pushkin.