Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow

    Early 20th century

    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; enamel over filigree, filigree, chasing, gilding

    2.6 х 10.3 х 7 cm


    Round stoup on three ball-shaped feet, with, with flat figured handle, in the manner of the Russian painted enamels of the late 17th century. The stoup internal and external surfaces are decorated with filigree curves with stylised enamel flowers at the ends, placed in reflective symmetry, against the chased background. The bottom, framed with a row of filigree rings with coloured enamel and filigree braid, is decorated with the enamel over filigree six-petal flower rosette. The crown, both inside and outside, is accentuated by green enamel girdle of geometric ornament (the so-called "scallops"). The stoup exterior bottom part is decorated with a row of filigree rings with turquoise enamel. Gold stars complete the enamel. The handle, framed by filigree braid, features enamel over filigree stylised palmetto.

    The enamels’ colour scheme is based on the combination of black, green, turquoise and white tints.


    The stoup was executed by the son of P.A. Ovchinnikov - Pavel Pavlovich, who studied at the Moscow Imperial Stroganov School and headed the father's business together with his brothers after his father's death in 1888.