Russian Enamel

Salt cellar

    Salt cellar

    Russia, Moscow


    Silver; enamel over filigree, painted enamel, gilding

    Height 5.3 cm

    Marks: "M.G.", certification mark and tee of Moscow district Assay Department 1908-1917; "84"


    Salt cellar in the form of a stylized grace cup, on a profiled circular base, decorated in the Neo-Russian style with painted enamel over filigree. The salt cellar body is ornated with relief convex canelés in filigree framing, with flower bouquets alternating with fancy flowers with curled leaves located inside, on white and green backgrounds. The intervals between the canelés are filled with geometric pattern on blue background. The crown and the stem of the salt cellar are framed with filigree cord. The salt cellar base is decorated with geometric enamel-over-filigree ornament with impregnated beads of gold seeds into enamel.

    The enamel colour scheme is based on the combination of various shades of blue, green, white, yellow and purple tints.