Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with the portrait of M.I. Platov

    Snuffbox with the portrait of M.I. Platov


    Copper, enamel; polychrome painting

    2.4 x 4.4 x 3.6 cm


    Oval enamel snuffbox with a hinged lid and a mirror on the lid inner side. The box is covered with white enamel. The portrait of Matvey Ivanovich Platov, the famous commander of the Don Army is on the lid. Olatov is depicted in military uniform with the orders of St. Alexander Nevsky, St. George of the 2nd degree, received for the anti-Napoleon company of 1807. The inscription "GEN L PLATOFF" makes it possible to attribute the snuffbox to not later than 1809, when Platov received the rank of the 4-star general.