Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases



    Russian Empire, Moscow

    last quarter of the 18th century

    Medallists: I.G. Eger (obverse), I.B. Gass (reverse)

    Silver, foil; presswork, chiselling, niello, gilding

    Height 1.9 cm, diameter 9.7 cm

    Moscow city mark

    Silver round snuffbox, parcel-gilded, with a removable lid. Round squeezes of the medal obverse “To Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich second marriage", dated 1776, and the medal reverse “To the birth of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, dated 1779 are mounted in the box lid and bottom. An eight-pointed star frames two medallions, the lateral sides and the space between the beams are decorated with a niello scaly pattern. Braid underlines the lid edges, bottom and lateral sides.
    The engraved inscription is on the removable lid inner surface: "To Peter // with grateful Thanks // 1957".