Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case

    Cigarette case

    Russia, Moscow

    last quarter of the 19th century

    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; painted enamel, champleve enamel, repousse, carving, gilding

    11.2 х 6.3 х 1.6 cm

    Marks: "ИХ"; Moscow city mark with silver alloy "88"


    Silver rectangular cigarette case, gilded inside, with rounded sides, comprised of two equal halves, connected by a hinge, with a snap closure. The lid centred by an oval cartouche en plein enamelled with a scene depicting a pensive peasant girl in front of a wooden gate, within a champlevé enamel border of scrolling foliage in red, blue and white, the corners with translucent red-enamelled peacocks. The bottom lid is decorated with similar oval medallion, but smooth, designed for a monogram. An oval silver button is in the snap closure. The cigarette case is made in the Russian style.