Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case [in the box]

    Cigarette case [in the box]

    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Silver; painted enamel, gilding

    10.1 x 6.5 x 1.7 cm

    Marks: "ИХ"; "ХЛЕБНИКОВ", double headed eagle; "А.Р /1885", "84", Moscow coat of arms; Mark of Moscow city with alloy mark "84"


    Silver rectangular cigarette case, gilded inside, with rounded sides and corners, consists of two equal halves, connected by a hinge, with a silver button on a snap shutter. The smooth surface of the top lid is adorned by an oval medallion, with an enamel miniature depicting a peasant girl with a child standing in the wood and casting fearful glances at the snake. The cigarette case is enclosed in the authentic box by Ivan Khlebnikov.


    Инв. 2942/ДПИ