Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with winter scene

    Snuffbox with winter scene

    Germany, Hanau

    Middle of the 19th century

    Charles Collins & Söhne

    Gold; chasing, engraving, painting with colored enamels, enamel over guilloche

    3.1 х 7.6 х 5.7 cm, 106 gr

    Firm mark in lozenge: "C.C.S."; in oval: "CR". On the plaquette in the bottom right corner signature "B"


    Gold snuffbox of cartouche form with hinged lid and thumb ramp. The lid is well enamelled with winter scene of a young man pushing a girl in the swan-prowled sled, the snuffbox body is decorated with rococo scrolls on champlevé translucent blue background and richly ornated with golden floral ornament in the Rococo style.