Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with enamelled miniatures

    Snuffbox with enamelled miniatures

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Gold; chasing, colored enamels painting, champlevé enamel

    1.2 х 8.3 х 5.6 cm, 84 gr

    Geneve city mark 1830-1840; French mark for gold alloy 1864-1893; two illegible marks


    Oval enamel snuffbox with a hinged lid. The lid and base centred by oval reserves with scalloped borders enamelled with colorful flower bouquets on a green ground, surrounded by a wavy fluted gold and opaque white enamel border, framed by a lavender-blue taille d'épargne band with translucent red and peach foliage and scrolls, opaque blue scrolls and white flowers, the lid with overlapping gold border, the sides similarly enamelled and with opaque and translucent green foliage, wavy flange. The snuffbox was made for the Oriental market.