Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with miniatures of everyday scenes

    Snuffbox with miniatures of everyday scenes

    France, Paris


    Jean Ducrollay

    Gold; chasing, coloured enamels painting

    4 х 7,2 х 5.4 cm, 202 gr

    Master's mark: top and bottom interior lids' surfaces with mark 'JD' topped with crown. Top and bottom interior lids with two further marks, bottom left interior edge with three marks, bottom right interior edge with mark and scratched number


    Louis XV multi-coloured gold and enamelled rectangular snuffbox with a central shaped rectangular plaque depicting an interior scene with a seated mother cooking a meal in front of a fire holding and the baby, a young boy and a black and white dog after D. Teniers, within a large frame with raised chased flowers and polished panels over matte gold background.