Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case [in the case]

    Cigarette case [in the case]

    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Gold, silver, rubies, pearls; casting, presswork, gilding

    7.3 х 10.3 х 2.0 cm

    Marks: "П.ОВЧИННИКОВЪ", two headed eagle; "А.С/1892", "84", Moscow coat of arms; Moscow city mark with alloy "84"; mark of Moscow Assay office 1908-1917 (later)


    Silver rectangular cigarette case, gilded inside with rounded sides, with two compartments for cigarettes (large) and for matches (small, on the front side), with two hinged lids. The corrugated surface of the cigarette case is decorated with the onlay image of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire on the upper lid and onlayed Imperial crown, a monogram "KR", a lyre supplemented with pearls and rubies inserts, dates "1858-1908" is on the bottom. An aperture for the wick is on the rear side. The cigarette case is enclosed in wooden box.

    The combination of onlay parts (Coat of art of the Russian empire, Imperial crown, monogram "KR", lyre) suggests that the presented cigarette case might belong to Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov (1858-1915) - the second son of Gran Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich and Gran Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna, grandson of the Emperor Nicholas I, cousin of the Emperor Alexander III, adjutant general, chief of military educational institutions, president of the Academy of Sciences (since 1889), poet, playwright and translator, known under the literary pseudonym "K.P".