Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with the image of Mars and Venus

    Snuffbox with the image of Mars and Venus

    Spain, Madrid

    Plaque - early 19th century, case - the 20th century

    probably Lopez

    Gold; chasing, coloured enamels painting, engraving, repousse

    2.2 х 8.7 х 6.2 cm

    Tax farmer marks: J.J. Prévost and Eloi Brichard; mark in the form of shell, mark in the form of laurel leaf, French mark

    Gold rectangular snuffbox with bevelled corners and a hinged lid. A plaque depicting characters of ancient Roman mythology: the reclining, disarmed God Mars and the Goddess Venus approaching him on a cloud surrounded by Cupids is on the lid. Gold frame with floral ornament borders the picture. The case is decorated with engraved and chased floral ornament over a matte background, gold oval plaques featuring Putti and classical urns with flowers. Stylized Roman columns with garlands are in the corners.