Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case

    Cigarette case

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Johan Aarne workshop, Fabergé firm

    Corkwood, gold, silver, sapphire; chasing

    10.8 х 7.0 х 2.0 сm

    Marks: “… Ф", "ФАБЕРЖЕ"; "В.А"; tee of St. Petersburg District Assay office 1899-1908; "56"; "88"


    Rectangular cigarette case made of corkwood, with rounded sides and two compartments: for cigarettes (large compartment) and matches (small, on the flat end) with two hinged lids, one of which with special plate for ignition. The cigarette case smooth surface is decorated with a garland of gold laurel leaves hanging on bows and supplemented by sapphire cabochon inserts located along the left edge. The same onlay decor of gold - laurel branches bordered by a bow with round insert of sapphire cabochon is located on the cigarette case upper lid, above the lock. An aperture with a wick and silver ring for the chain are on the cigarette case rear side.