Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case

    Cigarette case

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Gold and silver craftsman F.A. Afanasyev, Fabergé firm

    Silver, leather, rubies, diamonds

    7.5 х 5.0 х 1.0 сm

    Marks: "FABERGE"; "ФА"; tee of St. Petersburg District Assay administration 1899-1908 with alloy number "88"


    Silver rectangular cigarette case, gilded inside, with rounded corners and edges. It is made in the form of a shell and enclosed in smooth leather slip-cover. The cigarette case surface is covered with transparent blue enamel over guilloche background and decorated with onlay Imperial crown, ornated with rubies and diamonds. The monogram "WA" and the date "17.IV.1908" are engraved on the inner surface of both lids.

    Presence of the Imperial crown and monogram "WA", formed from the first letters of the name and patronymic of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847-1909),  suggests the possibility that this cigarette case belonged to him.