Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox "Fountain of love"

    Snuffbox "Fountain of love"

    Germany, Hanau or Berlin

    circa 1810

    Gold; Chasing, enamel over guilloche, coloured enamel painting

    1.35 х 8.4 х 6.4 cm, 117 gr

    Master's mark: "F.J.", on the welt; "6213"

    Rectangular snuffbox in yellow case, with bevelled corners and a hinged lid. An octagonal plaque with allegory based on the painting by Fragonard Jean Honore, "The Fountain of Love," is on the lid. The painting features a couple in love playing near the Cupid's fountain; one of them serves a cup of water to the boy. A miniature is framed by a thin golden chased border. The plaques covered with translucent dark blue enamel over guilloche background are on both sides. Golden engraved ornament on a matte background is on the lid exteranal and internal sides. Lateral sides and the base are decorated with enamel plaques from translucent dark blue enamel over guilloche background with a diamond pattern and strips of opaque white enamel, with gold  lozenges with foliate ornamentation in the corners.