Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox "The Fountain of Love"

    Snuffbox "The Fountain of Love"

    Switzerland, Geneva

    circa 1800

    Jean-Georges Remond & Company

    Gold; grisaille, painted enamel, enamel over guilloche, chasing

    1.5 х 9.35 х 6.4 см, 143 gr

    Firm's mark in lozenge: "J.G. R. & C."; two import marks for gold after 1893


    Gold rectangular snuffbox with rounded corners and a hinged lid. An octagonal plaque with the allegory "The Fountain of Love", made in grisaille technique, based on the painting by Fragonard Jean Honore (stored in the Wallace collection), depicting a couple in love playing near the Cupid's fountain, framed by a pearly frame is on the lid. The lateral sides are decorated with guilloche panels with a pattern in the form of dark blue ribbon with zigzag on gray background, in white frame, corners with gold shamrocks on blue background. The bottom is ornated by rectangular panel with a pattern in the form of gray lozenges and dark blue lozenges with shells, on black background, framed by golden geometric ornament in the Greek style.