Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case

    Cigarette case

    Russia, Moscow


    A.S. Egorov silver workshop

    Silver; presswork, niello, gilding, engraving

    11.2 x 6.4 x 2.5 cm

    Marks: "АЕ"; "И.К /1877", "84", Moscow city coat of arms


    Silver rectangular cigarette case, gilded inside, with rounded sides and corners, consists of two equal halves, connected by a hinge, with silver button on the snap shutter. The surface of the cigarette case is textured, imitates Russian bast plaiting. A smooth strip, made in the form of a label, with niello images of a double-headed eagle with a sceptre and power, and inscriptions in Russian: “СИГАРЫ ФАБРИКИ А. ШОПФЕРЪ”, “ТАБАКЪ ВНУТРЕННЯГО ПРИГОТОВЛЕНIЯ 1С”, “ТАБАКЪ ВНУТРЕННЯГО ПРИГОТОВЛЕНIЯ А.К.П. 10 К.С”, “ТАБАКЪ ВНУТРЕННЯГО ПРИГОТОВЛЕНIЯ 10 ШТУКЪ” (CIGARS OF FACTORY A. SHOPPER, TOBACCO OF DOMESTIC PREPARATION 1C, TOBACCO OF DOMESTIC PREPARATION BY A.K.P. 10 KC, TOBACCO OF DOMESTIC PREPARATION 10 PIECES) passed along the center of the top and bottom lids. An engraved presentation inscription in Russian is on the lid inner side: “Любезному зятю / Леонтiю Никитичу /Виноградову / Отъ Тестя Ивана Васильевича Скляднева /Скончавшагося 16 Марта 1886 го въ 7мъ час вечера / Память 2го Jюня” (To the kind brother-in-law / Leontiy Nikitich / Vinogradov / from the father-of-law Ivan Vasilyevich Sklyadnev / who died on March 16, 1886 at 7:00 PM / Memory of the 2nd June).

    Tobacco, cigar and cigarette factory of Adolf Mikhailovich Chopfer was established in St. Petersburg in 1867. Specialized in the production of elite tobacco, resulting in small production volumes.