Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Enamel snuffbox with a flower vase

    Enamel snuffbox with a flower vase

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Gold; embossing, engraving over enamel, guilloche enamel

    2.1 х 9.1 х 5.5 cm, 115 gr

    Marks: company GGB, master A, city hallmark of Geneva 1801-1804, possible city hallmark of Vienna 1806


    Gold snuffbox, rectangular, with chamfered corners and a hinged lid. An octagonal plaque with an image of flowers bouquet in the Neo-Classical vase with the lake landscape on the background, ornated by golden frames with foliate ornament, dark-blue enamel frame and pink gold frame. Two triangles with gold relief image of wine jug and lute surrounded by blue enamel frame with gold geometric ornaments in Greek style on blue guilloche background with ornament in the form of wavy ribbons are on the plaque sides. The lid edge is decorated with geometric patterns and rosettes of gold, blue and white enamel. Sides and the base are ornated with plaques of the dark-blue enamel on guilloche background and edging with foliage and geometric ornamentation in the form of triangles and laurel wreaths made of black, white and blue enamel. Corners are decorated with enamel images of shields with stars of gold, blue and white enamel on black enamel background.