Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Indian style snuffbox

    Indian style snuffbox

    India, Hyderabad

    first half of the 20th century

    Gold, sapphire, ruby, pearl, cat's eye, opal, turquoise, diamonds, emerald; enamel over engraving, champlevé enamel

    2.8 х 6.1 х 4.7 cm, 104 gr


    Decorative, octagonal box with polychromatic depictions of men fighting with a lion and a tiger, on red enamell, florally decorated lid. Blueenamell rim is decorated with tendrils. The flowers consist of 2 rubies, 2 sapphires, 2 half-pearls, 1 chrysoberyl cat's eye, 1 opal cabochon, 2 turquoise cabochons and 2 colourless stones, the lid is additionally decorated with 1 emerald and 2 half-pearls. The sides are richly decorated with fighting wild animals among bamboo and flower bushes, in multicolour enamel on red background.