Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

George IV Irish silver gilded snuffbox

    George IV Irish silver gilded snuffbox

    Ireland, Dublin


    Silver; engraving, embossing, gilding

    2.8 х 8.3 х 2.5 cm, 153 gr

    Marks: master IT, silver assay 86, city hallmarks of Dublin 1822 (9 hallmarks in total)


    Gilded silver rectangular snuffbox, the cover with flush hinge, shell and scroll thumb piece, within rose, clover, thistle and leaf border, the base with presentation inscription, within small shell and flower head border.  The presentation inscription reads: "Presented by the Head Porters of the Linen Hall to James King Esq. Chamberlain. As a sincere token of their respect and gratitude for his zealous attention to their comforts on all occasions. Dublin Sepr 20th 1822".