Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases




    Silver,; Engraving, niello, cutting-through engraving, forging

    Tobacco box with a removable lid. Щne side of the lid features the date "1789", the other side - the inscription in old spelling "Году" (year). A wheat sheaf is depicted on the lid top. Monogram of the owner (a member of the Tevyashev family) in floral cartouche under the crown is on the front side of the tobacco box and coat of arms of the Tevyashev family is on the rear side.

    In terms of its artistic and stylistic features, the technique of manufacturing, the variety of artistic techniques of silver work, combined in one product, the chatelaine chain with hand forging and taking into consideration the date on the snuffbox and the identic system of the snuffbox and chatelaine decoration by the monogram of the similar owner, and the coat of arms of the similar family, those objects may be regarded as expensive made-to-order, presented objects belonging to the same owner, and dated 1789.