Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with micro-mosaic composition

    Snuffbox with micro-mosaic composition

    France, Paris


    Augustin-Andre Heguin

    Gold, fresh-water pearls, turquoise; micro-mosaic, guilloche, engraving, chasing

    2.4 х 8.5 х 5.3 cm, 148 gr

    Master's mark in triangle: "H"; later mark - Austria 1891-1901, "P4"; rooster in hexagon


    French gold rectangular snuffbox with rounded corners, large rectangular micro-mosaic plaque with enamel landscape of ancient ruin with the river within the chased gold border and framed by large stylized edge with seed pearls and turquoises, lateral sides and bottom are decorated with scrolls and engine-turned patterns.