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The Faberge style Easter egg with flowers bouquet

    The Faberge style Easter egg with flowers bouquet


    Golden egg with the hinged upper part, is covered with translucent white enamel moire pattern over guilloche. The upper part is decorated with onlay in the form of octagonal star, with the central stone-cabochon surrounded with pearls and rays adorned with diamonds that end with tassels and rubies-cabochons and alternate with garlands of laurel leaves. The egg bottom part is decorated with two-colour gold onlays in the form of garlands with bows and rubies-cabochons in the centre. The stem on round base is covered with translucent blue enamel over guilloche and decorated with onlay flower heads with elongated leaves. Golden vase with white enamel flowers and red stones-cabochons centers is inside the egg. The upper part internal surface is upholstered with white velvet. In authentic beechwood box.