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Paper cutting knife (in the box)

    Paper cutting knife (in the box)

    Russia, Moscow


    Bolin firm

    Silver, ornamental stones; enamel over guilloche, engraving, gilding

    Length 17.6 cm

    Marks: “BOLIN”; Moscow Assay office tee and identification mark of 1908-1917 with alloy number "84"; identification mark and tee of the Moscow assay inspection of 1927-1954 with alloy number "875"; restoration mark


    Silver, gilded flat knife with sharp-pointed blade, with ornately shaped handle in the Modern style. The surface of the handle is covered with transparent light green enamel over guilloche background and complemented by inserts of colored cabochons. One side of the knife blade is decorated with engraved floral pattern. The knife is in the box.