Jewellery and Accessories



    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Fabergé firm, Au. Holstrem workshop

    Platinum, diamonds; cutting


    Carcanet made of 830 diamonds - 18 of them are diamond cut, 86 - octangle cut and 726 - rose cut, in the "garland style". "The garland style" is sometimes called the Edwardian or Marie Antoinette's style and it came into fashion at the early 20th century. Delicacy and lightness were the hallmark of this style, it gives an impression of lacework or forged metal. Motifs of ribbons and bows, leaves, lambrequins and brushes, similar to those which could be seen at the French court of Louis XVI, are common. Cartier in Paris and Fabergé in St. Petersburg were the main supporters of this style. Queen Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII and sister of Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, promoted this style in England. Queen Alexandra had a small scar on her neck, that is why elegant collar necklaces in the shape of garlands came into fashion.