Jewellery and Accessories

Cufflinks shaped as double-headed Imperial eagles

    Cufflinks shaped as double-headed Imperial eagles

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Fabergé firm, Au. Hollming's workshop

    Gold, sapphires

    Master’s mark: “АН”; tee of St. Petersburg district assay office 1899-1908; gold alloy “56”; St. Petersburg District Assay office mark with the inspector’s initials: "АР"; scratched number “1645” or “16451” or “16457”


    Golden cufflinks shaped as double-headed Imperial eagles with blue sapphire cabochons in the center. A double-headed Imperial eagle is embossed on the cover of the authentic red leather case lined with cream-coloured satin. These cufflinks represent the so-called "Cabinet items" - the Imperial granted gifts. They refer to the official Tsar's gifts, which were ordered by a special department - the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.