Jewellery and Accessories



    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Gold, sapphires, rubies; braiding, engraving

    14 х 15.2 cm

    Maker's mark: FABERGÉ, "К.Ф", authentication marks of Moscow district Hallmark Department 1899-1908


    Golden minaudière from fine chainmail braiding, with two sections, the latch is in the shape of two branchlets ending with beads.  The hoop plates are decorated with slotted ornament of stylized palmettes on one side, with faceted sapphires and rubies - on the other one, which on the external side are set in rhomb-shaped slots on smooth background and on the internal side - in round slots. The handle is a mailed chain.

    The bag decoration reflects the uniqueness of the Fabergé style, the elegance of palmettes slotted ornament indicates the firm artists preference of the Classical style, and setting the gems in rhomb-shaped slots on smooth background adds special peculiarity to the design.