Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Pitcher with Cyrillic inscription and lid

    Pitcher with Cyrillic inscription and lid

    Russian Empire, Vladimir Governorate, Melenkovsky Uyezd, town Gus-Khrustalny


    Gusevsky Crystal Factory

    Translucent colourless glass; etching, guilloche, blowing

    Height without lid – 21 cm; height with lid – 27.8 cm


    Colourless translucent glass pitcher with conical body is divided into two parts in the bottom part by narrow concave stripe, with low bell-shaped throat with spout, smooth ornately shaped handle, with detachable cover with grip. The body upper part is decorated with matte vignette in the Russian style with three medallions. The images of two-headed eagles are inside two of the medallions, the monogram HM (Nechaev-Maltsov) is in the third central medallion. Matte foliage-geometric ornament in the form of intertwined stems with leaves and rosettes inside adorns the body bottom part. Concave stripe is emphasized by matte belt with the stripe of pearl shaped beads. The belt of two intertwining stems, complemented at the top and bottom by matte stars is beneath. Artistically designed Cyrillic initials “ВЯ” are on the pitcher body central part, matte image of St George's Church in Gus-Khrustalny is on the other side. Cyrillic inscription is along the throat edge. Cover is of colourless translucent glass with profiled edge, dome-shaped, with a burr-shaped finial. Decorated with matte belt along the edge. Cyrillic relief inscription is above the belt.