Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    First third of the 19th century

    Barmin A. – the author of the drawing,, Imperial Glass Factory

    Transparent colorless crystal, bronze; blowing, grinding, brilliant-cut (facet cut), amethyst flashed glass, casting, gilding, knurling

    Height - 16.4 cm, diameter - 8.0 cm


    Mug from transparent crystal with amethyst flashed glass, with bronze frame of the upper and bottom parts, with the spanning ring enveloping the body middle part, with the hinged lid with grip and "C"-shaped curved handle. The mug crystal cylindrical body is decorated with two types of carving. Belts of floral patterns (garlands of roses, stylized palmettas and leaves) adorn bronze rims of the upper part, the bottom, base and spanning ring. Belts of floral-geometric patterns comprised of trellis and palmettas decorate the stepped hinged lid with well-rounded edges; the grip is made in the form of a flower bud with butterfly sitting on it. ”C"-shaped handle is decorated with acanthus leaves.