Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Decanter with floral painting and stopper

    Decanter with floral painting and stopper

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1880s

    Imperial glass factory

    Translucent smoky glass; gold painting, polychrome (colored) enamels’ painting

    Height 22.5 cm (with stopper), diameter 9.0


    Cylindrical decanter made of translucent smoky glass, with short hemispherical throat with flat spout, with stopper. The decanter body is adorned with polychrome painted floral composition formed of loosely located extremely thin gracefully convoluted stems with small cornflowers and carnations. The composition is framed by the stripes of small beads with stylized foliage garlands located on decanter shoulders and on the body lower part. The decanter throat is emphasized by vertical painted stripes ("strokes"). The stopper with cylindrical finial is decorated with painted bush and thin offshoot with small leaves (lateral sides).