Fairground organ

    Fairground organ

    Germany, Waldrich


    Ruth, A., & Sohn

    Wood, fabric (cotton), paper; carving, lathe, casting

    290 x 125 x 235 cm

    Inscription facade: "A.Ruth&Sohn Wuldkirch"


    Wooden case, richly ornated with carved golden foliage décor, curls, rosettes and rocaille elements; painted in white and light gray tints, stands on four legs. The central protruding part of the facade is conventionally divided into three segments by columns that are covered with red cotton cloth from inside; the lateral sides are decorated with rosettes with floral elements and bunches of grapes. Composition with balustrade and balusters, chandelier and protrusion on which a woman with a lyre and a stick is standing. Young men with bells and hammers in the hands are standing on the protrusions on both façade sides. Organ is finished with ornately shaped top with decorative shell, carving, slotted ornament and floral motifs. Music movement consists of two drums: large drum with a cymbal – on the left side; small one with two hammers and stretched thin metal chains – on the right. Wheel is connected to electric motor and serves to inject air in the bellows.