Fairground organ

    Fairground organ

    Germany, Berlin

    G. Bacigalupo

    Wood, metal, fabric (silk), paper; carving, lathe

    Inscription on façade: "Bill Lindwall/G. Bacigalupo Orgel Fabrik Berlin/Solna"


    Wooden case, decorated with floral motifs and curls. Facade is painted light brown, divided into three sections by ornately shaped reach-through white windows, covered inside with red silk cloth, with protrusions on which figures of young men with bells and hammers are fixed. A row of wooden pipes is behind the central section. Facade side is supplemented by the protruded bases, decorated with ornately shaped onlays. Decorative marbleized columns are fixed on the bases, capital above them. Organ lower part is decorated with reach-through geometric "rosettes" framed by oval white circles. Organ is completed by a semi-circular top, supplemented inside with fan-shaped semi-circular protrusions with rings, vases with pine cones in the corners of the façade upper part and columns' capitals. Music movement consists of a row of wooden pipes, one large drum with cymbal - on the left side. Electric motor that injects air to bellows is on the organ rear left side.