Roller Organs and Organettes

Cabinet-organ "Tournaphone"

    Cabinet-organ "Tournaphone"


    circa 1880

    Tournaphone Music Co.

    Wood, metal, glass; marquetry

    49 х 37 х 109 cm; 15 kg


    Long-case cabinet organ in wooden case of complex shape. The upper part of the facade is a hinged cover decorated with geometric and floral ornaments, with golden colour inscription with the name of the manufacturing company "Tournaphone" and carved elements along the perimeter.

    Small rectangular window with glass, through which the roll mechanism can be seen, is in the lid center.

    Door with handle is in the façade bottom part, golden inscription "Music", inside the shelf is in the center.

    Front feet are ornated with columns. The body is decorated with golden colour geometric ornaments. Activating handle and round wooden handle for rewinding the roll are on the case right side.
    The range is 25 tunes. Music storage: paper music roll.