Accordion model "Radiotone"

    Accordion model "Radiotone"



    Wood, plastic, leather, cloth, paper, metal

    26 х 29 х 14 cm


    Rectangular wooden case with leather belts, decorated with greenish coloured plastic, imitating mother-of-pearl.  21 buttons are on the right keyboard and 7 buttons are on the left keyboard.

    Decorative plastic lattice covered with cancellated fabric from inside is on the right lateral side. From the left side the body is covered with ply-wood with round apertures, covered from inside with white cancellated fabric. There is a button to bleed the air from windbags. The windbags are pasted with light coral coloured paper with floral ornaments and are decorated with metal corner pieces.

      An inscription "Radiotone" is on the right side of the accordion front.