Sweden, Karlstad

    I.P. Nyström

    Wood, paper, leather, brass, fabric (velvet); marquetry, carving

    86 х 175 х 50 cm; cylinder 36.5 cm


    Mechanical harmonium in wooden case is painted imitating precious wood. The lines divide the lower part into six sections. A flower rosette is in the center, 49 keys are on the keyboard. A panel painted in black, with the images of the manufacturer’s awards in the form of medals. An inscription "I.P. Nyström" is on the left side of the panel; "Reform-Orgel Patent" - in the center, "Karlstad" - on the right. A text "Jnnehar sjutton (17) Patenter å egna Uppfinningar inom orgelbranchen" in the frame is under the central inscription. The keyboard is closed with a retractable lid, decorated with floral ornament. Two crankshaft levers for sound volume regulating are under the keyboard. A panel consisting of two parts is above. A wooden button is in the upper part on the left, an aperture is in the center and a crank handle - on the right part of the panel. Three register handles: "piano, forte, echo" are on the bottom part. There are two trimmed with blue cloth mobile stands for candlesticks above the keyboard on both sides. Two wooden carved columns painted in black, to which a metal bar holding the music stand for notes is attached are in the upper part. The music stand perimeter is painted black. An image of an angel with a triangle and a wand in his hands, a bird and a scroll are in the marquetry center, floral ornament surrounds the group. The front side is decorated with floral ornament as well. A Pan flute, a pipe and an amphora are depicted on the left. A bow, a quiver with arrows, a notebook and a mandolin are on the right. The upper part is of an unusual shape and is decorated with black carved knobbles.

    Perforated cardboard disk is on the right side. Two pedals, covered with brown leather with metal onlays, activate the harmonium movement. Music storage: removable perforated cardboard disc.