Musical automaton “Monkey, mandolin player”

    Musical automaton “Monkey, mandolin player”

    France, Paris


    Vichy, Gustave

    Papier-mache, fabric, wood, cardboard; sewing, mechanical works, woodworks

    Height 43 cm


    Automaton in the form of a monkey, sitting on the chair back and playing four-stringed mandolin. The monkey is dressed in silk comic suit and two-hooded cap made of orange and yellow fabric. The costume is decorated with onlay elements and metal bells. Narrow red pantaloons and green velvet shoes with red pompons trimmed with metal braid are on the legs. The head is made of Papier-mâché head is painted, yellow glass eyes, metallic wrists.

    Control mechanism and the musical movement are fitted in closed casing between the chair feet. A keyhole and start/ stop button are on the chair left side. When the movement is activated the head turns from side to side, the eyes open and close, the mouth opens and closes - the monkey sings, the right hand touches the mandolin strings. Simultaneously the chair swings and from side to side at first, then bends back, as if going to fall, but in time returns to its former position. Actions are accompanied by the sounds of musical movement with sound comb and cylinder.