Player Pianos

Player piano with xylophone

    Player piano with xylophone

    Germany, Leipzig


    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood, metal, glass, beads, mirrors; Carving

    145 x 70 x 190 cm


    Mechanical piano in oak wood case. A panel with faceted glass, decorated with a thin golden line along the perimeter, is in the middle of the façade top part. A xylophone with 30 plates is mounted inside. A movable mirror panel is in the façade center. It is divided by wooden slats into six squares with golden lines and circles in the center. The panel opens access to the cylinder mechanism. Double columns with golden heads and basements; the panels with lozenge-shaped mirrors in the center and attached to them brass curly brackets with twin dome lamps and original lamps are at the panel sides. The dome-lamps are decorated with low profiled transparent, light green, dark red beads and orange glass beads. The piano board consists of 85 keys. A music stand for note sheets is on the lid inner side. The piano has two foot-bearers that perform the same functions as a in the classical piano. Columns decorated with chiseled balls on top are on the façade bottom part.