Musical Houseware

Musical spinning wheel

    Musical spinning wheel


    Circa 1800


    Mahogany, metal; carving

    114 x 46 x 40 cm


    Manual spinning wheel with music movement. The treadle, with silver comb, ebony spindle and pewter wheel, activates it. The spinning wheel stands on four curved feet, decorated with concave lines. A crossbeam connects two front feet; a pedal for manual spinning is fixed in the center. Two curly golden handles for carrying are on both sides of the spinning wheel. Round wheel with numbers from one to eight is on the right side. The perimeter of the bottom part is decorated with geometric pattern carvings and metal rosettes with foliate ornament in the corners. Two racks, decorated with two thin lines of yellowish and black colours, as well as golden patches in the form of sunflowers are on the spinning wheel top surface. Round columns with concave lines are on the racks, a clamping screw is on the front side, top is crowned with bumps. Gold metal onlay with a keyhole is on the front side center, small aperture with the movement-activating lever is above it.
    The music movement is the miniature organ, contained in an ormolu, mounted in mahogany, rectangular case, operated by the treadle congruent with the spinning wheel. The range is 24 tunes. Music media: pinned wooden barrel.


    Инв. 2691/ММП