Russian Enamel

Table clock

    Table clock

    Russia, St Petersburg


    I.S. Britsyn goldware, silverware and enamel workshop "Russian Enamel"

    Gold, silver, glass, ivory; guilloche enamel, casting, stamping, embossing, gold-plating

    15.0 х 8.5 см

    Marks: "БРИЦЫНЪ", "И.Б"; tee and authentication mark of St Petersburg district Assay department 1908-1917, "88"; ref. "К 11 682 М"


    Silver table clock with enamel, a flap leg on the rear side, covered with an ivory plate.

    Round enamel dial with black scale marking and gilt openwork clock hands, framed with a strip of small beads, set in right-angled frame. The frame surface is decorated with two types of guilloche ornament, covered with opal (background) and blue transparent (edge) enamel, and plated suspension garlands made of two-coloured gold, rose wreath, flaunting ribbons, branchlets with leaves, stylized grapevine on a ribbon. Light-green squares with gilt rosettes in the center emphasize the frame corners.

    The clock decoration is performed in the Neo-classic style.